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Fatal Inheritance – Happy Publication Day to Me!

My new Rachel Rhys book, Fatal Inheritance is published in hardback today (paperback to follow next year) and I couldn't be happier. The cover is such a thing of beauty I could sit and look at it all day. In fact I love it so much I've begged my publisher to let me...

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Fatal Inheritance & the Lure of the Riviera

   (me at the bar of the Belles Rives Hotel - where the Fitzgeralds once lived) The French Riviera. Is there anywhere else in the world so synonymous with glamour and sophistication, with natural beauty and unnatural excess? Somerset Maughan, one of its many famous...

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It’s only Richard and Judy! *FAINTS*

There are some daydreams that remain with you throughout your life, as your ultimate benchmark of success.  For me, sitting on the sofa with Richard and Judy, discussing a book I’d written that they’d personally chosen for their book club, was one of those. Before I’d...

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Publish and be damned… lucky

It’s been a month since publication of A Dangerous Crossing, my first historical novel under the pseudonym Rachel Rhys and I am full of shame that it has taken so long to update. In my defence I'm such a technophobe that the thought of having to locate my website...

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I have a split personality – enter Rachel Rhys!

So, here's the thing. At the end of last year, having written three psychological thrillers in a row, I started to fantasise about writing something completely different - new genre, new name even - but had no idea what. Then, at my mum's house, nosing around in her...

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When She Was Bad

Publication time again. As ever, publication week seems to have taken forever to arrive, but now it's finally here time has speeded up and it's galloping towards Thursday, which is launch day for When She Was Bad. This is the point when I remember all the things I'm...

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The Fallout

One of the best things about being published in different countries (apart from the free money of course) is seeing the different covers foreign publishers come up with. In May The Broken will be published in the US and not only is there a different cover, but also a...

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Stuck for Words

I've recently started a new book. Well, when I say started, it was more like an involuntary evacuation (sorry, if that sounds a bit bowel-related) of words than a conscious decision. It's always the case with me. That initial surge of excitement when I've thought of...

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Congratulations to Linda Rumsey who has won a signed copy of First One Missing after being randomly selected from all the subscribers to my inaugural newsletter. For all those who weren't successful, there'll be plenty more competitions coming up in subsequent...

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STOP PRESS: New Event (and it’s a corker)

Happy New Year everyone. Yeah, I know it's late, but sheesh, you're talking to someone who took SIX YEARS to get a website! Just wanted to let you all know about the first bookish event of 2016 which is coming up on Feb 4th in Winchester, where I'm talking to thriller...

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