‘Chillingly believable and absolutely addictive. I read it in three days flat.’ Incredible.’ Lisa Jewell

‘Part thriller, part domestic drama, this is gripping and thoughtful stuff.’ Sunday Mirror 

‘A tense, blood pressure-escalating thriller from one of the queens of psychological suspense’ Red Magazine


Tess has always tried to be a good mother. Of course, there are things she wishes she’d done differently, but doesn’t everyone feel that way?

Then Emma, her youngest, is attacked on her way home from a party, plunging them into a living nightmare which only gets worse when the man responsible is set free.

So when Tess sees the attacker in the street near their home, she is forced to take matters into her own hands. But blinded by her need to protect her daughter at any cost, might she end up putting her family in even greater danger?

There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to make it right . . . but what if she makes it all worse?



‘this is one breathlessly intoxicating mystery. ★★★★★ Heat

‘tautly plotted and captivating’ The Times 

‘A gripping, escapist mystery’ Good Housekeeping


1957: Iris Bailey is bored to death of working in the typing pool and living with her parents in Hemel Hempstead. A gifted portraitist with a talent for sketching party guests, she dreams of becoming an artist. So she can’t believe her luck when socialite Nell Hardman invites her to Havana to draw at the wedding of her Hollywood director father.

Far from home, she quickly realizes the cocktails, tropical scents and azure skies mask a darker reality. As Cuba teeters on the edge of revolution and Iris’s heart melts for troubled photographer Joe, she discovers someone in the charismatic Hardman family is hiding a terrible

secret. Can she uncover the ugly truth behind the glamour and the dazzle before all their lives are torn apart?



‘A transporting golden-age infused mystery caper’ Sunday Times

‘Fatal Inheritance is GLORIOUS! Hugely enjoyable escapism, featuring The South of France, film stars, gorgeous villas, lavender-scented air, ex-Nazis, family secrets and more besides! I enjoyed it ENORMOUSLY.’ Marian Keyes


London 1948: Eve Forrester is trapped in a loveless marriage, in a gloomy house, in a grey suburb.
Out of the blue, she receives a solicitor’s letter. A wealthy stranger has left her a mystery inheritance but in order to find out more, she must travel to the glittering French Riviera.

Eve discovers her legacy is an enchanting villa overlooking the Mediterranean sea and suddenly, life could not be more glamorous.

Alone in paradise, Eve must unlock the story behind her surprise bequest – before events turn deadly…

Reminiscent of a Golden Age mystery, Fatal Inheritance is an intoxicating story of dysfunctional families and long-hidden secrets, set against the razzle-dazzle and decadence of the French Riviera.


They All Fall Down

‘A fast-paced, twist-fuelled read’ (Good Housekeeping)

‘I devoured this book in one sitting; it’s gripping throughout with a brilliant twist in the tip of its tail.’ (ERIN KELLY, bestselling author of He Said She Said)

‘Tammy Cohen can twist a story better than any crime writer I know’ (JANE CASEY)

‘Brilliant, twisty, clever – another gripping thriller from Tammy Cohen. I absolutely loved it’ (LISA JEWELL)

‘An ingeniously dark premise…proves Tammy Cohen to be a master at the literary sleight of hand…I loved it.’ (SARAH PINBOROUGH, author of Behind Her Eyes)


Hannah had a normal life – a loving husband, a good job. Until she did something shocking.

Now she’s in a psychiatric clinic. It should be a safe place. But patients keep dying.

The doctors say it’s suicide. Hannah knows they’re lying.

Can she make anyone believe her before the killer strikes again?


Dangerous Crossing

‘Thrilling, captivating. Simply stunning’ (Daily Express 5 *)

‘An exquisite tale of love, murder and dark secrets’ (LISA JEWELL)

‘Intoxicating. I loved this book!’ (SANTA MONTEFIORE)

‘An utter treat . . . a glorious mix of proper old-school glamour and a labyrinthine plot full of class war, politics and sexual tension . . . A masterful storyteller.’ (VERONICA HENRY)


England, September 1939
Lily Shepherd boards a cruise liner for a new life in Australia and is plunged into a world of cocktails, jazz and glamorous friends. But as the sun beats down, poisonous secrets begin to surface. Suddenly Lily finds herself trapped with nowhere to go …

Australia, six-weeks later
The world is at war, the cruise liner docks, and a beautiful young woman is escorted onto dry land in handcuffs.

What has she done?


When She Was Bad

‘A fresh, clever psychological thriller. I loved it!’ (CLARE MACKINTOSH)

‘Ingeniously sharp thriller, set in an office’ (HEAT MAGAZINE, 5 *)

‘ Tammy Cohen is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors’ (EMMA KAVANAGH)

‘Psychological thrillers don’t get much better than this!’ (C L TAYLOR)

‘Truly terrifying’ (RUTH WARE)



Amira, Sarah, Paula, Ewan and Charlie have worked together for years – they know how each one likes their coffee, whose love life is a mess, whose children keep them up at night. But their comfortable routine life is suddenly shattered when an aggressive new boss walks in ….

Now, there’s something chilling in the air.

Who secretly hates everyone?

Who is tortured by their past?

Who is capable of murder?


First One Missing

“I couldn’t read First One Missing fast enough.An astonishingly good psychological thriller that you won’t want to miss” (C L TAYLOR)

“Head and shoulders above the rest. Funny, psychologically astute and wholly engaging -Tammy Cohen could write about vacuuming carpets and it would still be gripping.” (DAILY MAIL)

“A taut, psychologically gripping, gut-wrenching thriller from one of my favourite writers.” (LISA JEWELL)

“A compulsive thriller with a big heart. It kept me guessing till the end, too.” (SASKIA SARGINSON, Author of THE TWINS)

A page-turning psychological thriller about the parents of missing children – combines the gripping plot of GIRL ON A TRAIN and the chilling suspense of THE ICE TWINS …


Dying For Christmas

“Fast, wickedly funny, hugely enjoyable.” (Sunday Mirror)

“[keeps] you in suspense until the end” (Candis)

“This thriller… packs a killer twist” (Prima)

“Morally complex, disturbing and very gripping.” (Woman and Home)

“What starts out to be a chiller turns into a brain-twisting shocker. All rather clever, really.” (Sunday Sport)

“A deliciously dark winter’s tale that delivers twist after twist as it races towards its shocking conclusion. The perfect thriller to curl up with this Christmas.” (MARK EDWARDS (author of The Magpies))

After Jessica Gold agrees to go for a drink with a charismatic stranger she meets on Oxford Street, she finds herself held prisoner in his apartment. Every day for twelve days, she receives a present, each more shocking than the last.


The Broken

“A sustained work of near genius” The Daily Mail

“A chillingly real psychological drama that had me in a total reading frenzy. I absolutely loved it.” (Lisa Jewell)

“Darkly compelling …. a pacy story that kept me turning the pages right until the final, shocking twist.” (Paula Daly)

“A brilliant and skilfully plotted depiction of the unexpected breakdown of a friendship between two couples, with one of the most chilling twists I’ve read in a long time. I couldn’t put it down.” (Louise Millar, author of THE PLAYDATE)

“The tension grew with every page turn, until it was almost unbearable, yet I couldn’t stop reading! I literally gasped out loud, so shocked by the very unexpected ending. This brilliant book will be on my mind for a long time.” (Samantha Hayes, author of UNTIL YOU’RE MINE)

“Compulsive reading … the tension racks up and the book switches from domestic drama into full-blown, chilling thriller” (Essentials, Book of the Month)

“Everyone’s talking about this … A gripping cocktail of betrayal and revenge” (Prima Magazine)

“Dramatic, sad and tense, it’s essential you get your hands on this thriller. (Five stars)” (Closer)

When close friends split, be careful whose side you’re on. A couple gets sucked into their best friends’ bitter divorce with catastrophic consequences.


Someone Else’s Wedding

“You will not sleep or eat or move until you’ve turned the last page. Utterly gripping” (LISA JEWELL)

“A comedy of modern wedding manners that’s also gripping, sexy and sad” (Daily Mail)

“Gripping from beginning to end.” (Prima)

“Fast-paced…strong characters and believable relationships. You’ll not want to put it down!” (Candis)

“Our favourite” (Essentials Magazine)

“Thoroughly involving” (Woman & Home)

“Dark, compelling and breathtaking, and I read it in a single sitting” (Jenny Colgan)

“A gripping undercurrent of forbidden love throughout: the book is scandalous and entertaining” (The Lady)

“I lost myself so completely in Fran and her family’s woes that I read the whole book in 24 hours rather than the 36 hours it took for everything to unfold. Fast paced and absorbing, I felt like I was one of the guests listening in to something I shouldn’t. A very juicy read!” (Novelicious)

“READER RECOMMENDED: A cleverly written story, thought-provoking and easy to identify with.” (Good Housekeeping)

There’s nothing like a wedding for stirring up the past. As Fran negotiates her way from Saturday morning to Sunday evening she is forced to confront things she’s long thought buried, and to make decisions about the future that will have far-reaching consequences for them all.

AMAZON          WATERSTONES           KOBO 

The War of the Wives

“A pacy tale of two women who discover they’ve been simultaneously amrried to one man – at his funeral. Witty, ludicrously melodramatic and psychologically perceptive, and you’ll polish it off between Luton and Heraklion.” (Sunday Telegraph)

“A smart, gripping story that we just couldn’t stop reading – you won’t believe the ending. *****” (Closer Magazine)

“Totally brilliant… Gave me actual goosebumps” Lisa Jewell

At your husband’s funeral you don’t expect to come face to face with his other wife. When Simon Busfield is found floating face down in the Thames, the double life he’s been leading for twenty years unravels, with disastrous consequences for his two families.

AMAZON          WATERSTONES          KOBO 

The Mistress’s Revenge

“This book is Fatal Attraction with a twist and will grip you from beginning to end.” (Prima)

“Gasp in recognition at this cracking tale, narrated by a woman scorned…Sister, we’ve all been there…” (Grazia)

“If you thought Fatal Attraction was the last word on the fury of a woman scorned, think again…acutely observed, wickedly funny and deftly plotted, with a satisfyingly smart twist at the end.” (Mail on Sunday)

“Will keep you guessing about its characters fates until the very end.” (Candis Magazine)

“Dark, often funny but sometimes unnerving.” (Woman & Home)
“A cracking debut. . . .very “Fatal Attraction” with a clever twist at the end. Addictive stuff.” -“The Bookseller”

When Clive ends their five-year affair abruptly, Sally goes into freefall and starts stalking him and his family. How far will she go to get even with the man who broke her heart?

AMAZON          WATERSTONES           KOBO

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