One of the best things about being published in different countries (apart from the free money of course) is seeing the different covers foreign publishers come up with. In May The Broken will be published in the US and not only is there a different cover, but also a different title! The US publisher felt The Broken was too similar to other titles already out there, so they asked if I could come up with something else. Funnily enough, The Broken had originally had a different title – The Fallout – and we’d changed it at the last minute when we realised there was another book coming out the same month with the same name. Luckily for me my US editor loved the original title, and then the designer came up with a totally new cover, which I think is really strong. What do you think?

There’s currently a giveaway over on Goodreads where US and Canadian readers can enter to receive a free copy of The Fallout before it comes out. Click here for details.

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