Publication time again. As ever, publication week seems to have taken forever to arrive, but now it’s finally here time has speeded up and it’s galloping towards Thursday, which is launch day for When She Was Bad. This is the point when I remember all the things I’m supposed to have done to promote the book that I thought I had TONS of time to do, like short stories and blog posts. Such as this one.

When She Was Bad is a psychological thriller set mostly in an office building in London where a new, bullying boss causes ructions and rifts among the members of staff in a once close-knit department, one of whom is keeping a long-suppressed, highly explosive secret. There’s also a second strand interwoven into the book in which an American psychologist looks back over a sensational child neglect case that she assessed early on in her career. By the time the two stories finally collide, someone is has been brutally murdered.

When you consider how much time we all spend at work, I’m amazed more books aren’t set in offices. Did you know, the average Brit spends over ninety-nine thousand hours of their life at work? That’s almost eleven and a half years! And nearly three-quarters of full time workers spending more time with their co-workers than with their own families. Yet how much do any of us really know about the people we spend so much time with? What secrets might they be keeping? Since finishing When She Was Bad  so many early reviewers have come forward with their own experiences of working in a toxic workplace, it has obviously struck a chord.  Forget Domestic Noir, Office Noir is the genre du jour!

I’m running a competition to win two copies of When She Was Bad in my latest newsletter, so subscribe for a chance of winning. In the meantime, here are a few fab early reviews:

“A fresh, clever psychological thriller full of toxic characters you’ll love to hate.” (CLARE MACKINTOSH)

“Takes the ordinary and twists it until the sense of danger is utterly overwhelming. Tammy Cohen is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors” (EMMA KAVANAGH)

“A compelling tale of office politics and childhood trauma, that slices through the insecurities, jealousies and hidden agendas of the work place. Skilfully written with Cohen’s trademark piercing observation and vivid imagination, this book will have you nervously watching your colleagues wondering what lies beneath their masks. With twists and turns and expertly ratcheted tension, it had me gripped from the off.” (AMANDA JENNINGS)

“I was on the edge of my seat. Psychological thrillers don’t get much better than this!” (C L TAYLOR)

“Tammy’s books have a way of making you feel like something truly awful is just seconds away, and your whole body is tensed waiting for it. Dark and menacing you won’t want to put this down until you know where the danger is coming from.” (JENNY BLACKHURST)

“A taut, immensely readable thriller that kept me guessing right to the end. I love Tammy’s books and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.” (LOUISE VOSS)

“A toxic working environment is a great setting for a psychological thriller and the plot of ‘When She Was Bad’ more than lives up to its original and gripping premise. I couldn’t stop reading” (SINEAD CROWLEY)

“Truly terrifying” (RUTH WARE)

“An intelligent and satisfying mystery” (Literary Review)

“And just when you think you’ve worked it out, Tammy Cohen takes you in a completely different direction” (Good Housekeeping)


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